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"God Chose Me"

God Chose Me

Charity Contributions from God Chose Me!

As a parent of both a typically developed and a special needs child, I know first hand the extra cost incurred to meet the unpredictable needs of a child who is differently-abled.  Special needs charities assist parents with the cost of schooling, therapists, doctor appointments, special diets, childcare, etc.  Such charities give resources to help parents better care for and understand their child’s disability.  I am grateful for the opportunity to give back because I have been on the receiving end of these funds for my own child who was diagnosed with Autism at 2  1/2 years old.  The Autism Society of America (Central Virginia Chapter) and various other charities have assisted me with my own son for services and parent education on the topic of Autism.  I encourage everyone to participate in the life of a special needs family in some way, shape, or form.  To have someone in their life, accept their reality, and embrace it means more than you will ever know.  You can support families with a special needs child by offering to babysit, interacting with the child, going out to eat with the family, participating in walks/fundraisers for the cause, checking on the child’s progress, coming to extra-curricular activities to cheer them on, attending award ceremonies/ graduations & most importantly praying for the child and their family.  I believe that God is a healer and He will heal your mind, body and spirit as long as you ask Him to.  Remember HE chose you to be in the child’s life; do NOT take the responsibility lightly because it is one of the most important roles you will ever play.