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Luv’em Like MINES Publishing

Luv’em Like MINES Publishing focuses ALL of our products on strengthening and inspiring lives through a Rainbow of Words.  We want to make individuals and families stronger.  We advocate for children, women, men and ALL types of families.  We understand how empowering words are, so we choose to use that power to influence lives in a positive way.  We are blessed to have this opportunity and thank GOD for the ability to share the gift he has given us.  We give different perspectives so that each person can see himself or herself in our work.  It is our goal to have an EVERLASTING impact on your spirit and touch MANY lives through a Rainbow of words.  Look for more products with uplifting messages to include clothing and accessories as well as future book projects that will focus on: 
Spiritual Wealth
Faith the Size of a Mustard Seed
Bullying, etc.